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An unregistered user is presented with an option to signup for the service. They provide an email, name, and a chosen password. An account is created, and they can begin to create polls.

An unregistered user sees polls designated as "Public" on the Rolypoll homepage. If the poll creator has enabled anonymous voting, the user can vote and comment on the poll as a regular user would, but will be labeled as "Anonymous".

A registered user is presented with a login form. They provide their username and password and are logged into the system.

A registered, logged-in user can create any type of poll. They can designate if it is public (viewable to everyone, votable by registered users), Anonymous Allowed (viewable by everyone, votable by everyone), or private (viewable and votable only by selected users).

A registered, logged-in user can vote on any public, anonymous, or private poll they've been selected for.

The administrator user(s) can remove ANY user, poll, vote, or comment. They can also comment on any poll for moderations purposes.

Administrator Scenarios: Non-Poll Related

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