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Project Name:

Project Description:
This is a system through which it is possible to cast votes and obtain voting results in order for
decisions to be made among a predefined group of people or systems (through particular interfaces).
This is done applying different asynchronous mechanisms and technologies such as SMS for mobile
phones, e-mails sent through WiFi, 3g, etc, taking into account the necessary security measures
(i.e., a validation and digital signature will be required, etc.). The project should focus on interfaces
and algorithms (not on technologies).

Personas (Not final, will evolve as time goes on)
Unregistered User:
Signup for the system.
View public polls.
Vote/Comment anonymously on public polls.
Login to the system.
Create polls
Vote/comment on public and private polls.
Add or remove
Add or remove any poll or user.
Add or remove any vote.

Global polls can be created.
Jeopardy polls. (answer first, question later)

Rich Polls (using text, images, or sounds)

Poll publishing options.

Block weirdos from sending you crap. (privacy)

Create Polls that can be voted on by users only once, thus creating a fair polling system.

Friend functionality: people can add each other as friends and elect to only receive poll notifications from people the call friends.

Group Functionality: Friends lists can be segmented and users lists can be segmented further so certain types of polls can always be sent where they should go.

Users should be able to use a desktop web browser or a mobile phone on the system. SMS should be supported so the widest variety of devices can be used.

Progressive polls: polls can be grouped together such that results of a poll may feed into another.
Order of users polls.

Polls should expire after a set amount of time.

Crazy statistics.

Final feature
API: Restful XML API
Desktop App: AIR

Big focus on friendly, easy-to-use UX.
Users can theme their polls, like choose default images and colors or types of charts.
Eric wants AJAX just to make Brandon work harder.

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