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Rough User Stories

Milestone 0:

Users can signup for the service.

Users can create polls using the web interface.

Users can vote on other users' polls from the web interface.

Milestone 1+:

Users can comment on polls. Users can also choose to allow a single commment, full discussion, and disabling of comments altogether.

Users can create polls via email, SMS, etc.

Users can elect to have notifications sent out to users to inform them that a decision is needed.

Users will be able to access the service via various devices, like phones, PDAs, and computers.

The polling scheme can be decided at creation. For example, yes/no, true/false, multiple choice, ranking.

Polls can be anonymous if the creator chooses to allow it.

Users should be able to seamlessly move between devices and create or vote on polls regardless of where they are. Security and privacy algorithms will ensure duplicates are prevented and users are properly authorized.

Poll creators can specify ending points on polls based on votes count, time limits, or percentage of votes.

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