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Placeholder until we can fully flesh out a formal document for Coding Standards

We will be following the provided 13 page C# coding standards document provided in class.

A few points of emphasis:

*For class and model names, we'll be using a Pascal naming scheme. This capitalizes each word of a multiword name concatenates them together without underscores or dashes.
Examples: Poll, UserVote, ChickenWing

*For method and instance names, we'll use camel casing. The first word of a multiword name will be lowercase, with each additional word capitalized. No underscores or dashes will be used within names.
Examples: currentUser, orangeBox, school

*The Microsoft Visual Studio environment we'll be working on has certain conventions that it follows. In situations where a click event is automatically generated, the underscore that is created is allowed between the object name and the event that is being referenced. The object name, however, must still follow the previous naming rules.
Examples: orangeBox_Click is a valid event name. orangebox_Click is not.

*We will use the Microsoft StyleCop tool to help keep these things in check. StyleCop follows the C# Coding Standards document very closely. It will enforce commenting styles, indentation, and naming conventions. This tool will be run on all code prior to check in to ensure consistency across all code.

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